Posted by: Michelle | May 30, 2007

Paper Bag Album

Last night, I went to Recollections and attended a class. In the class I learned to make a small album using paper bags. I had seen the albums before and thought that they were adorable, so I was very excited to learn how to make them for myself. They should make great teacher gifts, and I am actually planning to make one for my younger son’s teacher.

Paper Bag Album Front Cover  Paper Bag Album Binding and Covers  Paper Bag Album Pages Paper Bag Album Tag/Insert

The paper choices aren’t ones that I would necessarily make but I am happy with the overall result and really looking forward to making more of them.



  1. Thank you Christine. I agree that they would make wonderful gifts for any number of occasions. One of the nicest things is that they don’t really take a lot of time to put together so even people who can’t imagine “scrapbooking” could handle projects like this.

  2. I think this particular project would be a great gift to someone who just got married or an anniversary or something like that. It is amazing! Beautiful job Michelle. 🙂

  3. It was hard to really show the inside pages. The one photo that I did take didn’t really come out. Basically, it is just the various patterned papers covering the brown paper bags. On the pages where there is the folded part of the bag, we covered the folded part with a different paper and you can then hide things behind the flap.

  4. The outside definitely looks cute, but I’m having a hard time picturing how the actual pages look.

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