Posted by: Michelle | June 3, 2007

End of Year Teacher Gift

My youngest son and I spent some time yesterday working on a gift for his teacher. After I took the paper bag class the other evening, we thought that a paper bag book would be the perfect gift for us to make for her. Thursday evening we went to Michaels and bought the supplies. I must say that the choices that my son made were not what I would have expected. He tends to like bright colors – his favorites are yellow and orange, I think. For the book he picked very pretty, subtle light blues. Here is the finished product.

 first set internal pages 2nd set internal pages 3rd set internal pages

4th set internal pages last set internal pages front and back covers

I love how it turned out and I hope that his teacher will love it. I particularly like how the book includes a couple of school things while also highlighting his interests outside of school. The stuffed animal that appears throughout the book is actually one that everyone in the class had an opportunity to bring home for a week, so even it has special meaning.



  1. Thank you. I know her pretty well and I think that she will be very touched.

  2. It looks like he’s made a beautiful bokk for his teacher. I’m sure she will be absolutely rapt.

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