Posted by: Michelle | June 12, 2007

Paperbag Book Mania

I think that I mentioned that I taught one of my colleagues how to make the paperbag books last week. We weren’t able to quite finish our books during our lunchtime session since we didn’t have ribbon that we liked with our papers, but I am glad to report that she did finish hers over the weekend and began working on another one.

After our session, we were showing some of our other co-workers what we had done. One woman was so impressed that she went out and bought supplies and made her own – without anyone showing her how and no writen directions. She bought all of the supplies at the Dollar Store since she was just experimenting and didn’t want to invest a lot in case she did it wrong. Her book was absolutely adorable.  It was also enough to almost convince one of the other women – who swears that she doesn’t want to scrapbook – to say that she might be willing to give it a try.

Since she didn’t have the directions, she did a couple of things differently than how I was taught in the class, but I liked how she did some of those things and plan to experiment with doing them in my own books.

The bottom line is that for just a couple of dollars, you too could create a special keepsake in approximately 1 hour. If there is interest, I could post some informtaion about how to make them. Just let me know.


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