Posted by: Michelle | June 13, 2007

Results Black and White Challenge

I don’t think that my friend has quite finished her page yet – still waiting on her photo – but I think that it is time for me to share my results.

I took the photo on my hike at Patapsco State Park a couple of weeks ago. For some reason, it reminded me of a psychology experiment that we did when I was in college and triggered the idea for the page.

Black and White Challenge PageI got one of my colleagues to sketch the tree and I included that as my main embellishment. The title says, “Know thyself” and the journalling says, “I remember that when I was in college, we did an experiment in which we asked kids to draw a tree. It was supposed to reveal things about their personality. Fortunately, no one drew a tree like this. A tree split down the middle can indicate mental illness and overemphasized roots can show an excessive concern with reality testing. I prefer to just see a tree.”

When I asked my colleague to sketch the tree for me, I hadn’t yet looked up what a sketch like this would reveal. I just thought it was an unusual looking tree and that it would probably look cool in black and white.

Black and White Challenge Page



  1. No, only one drawing is an actual sketch. The trees behind the Know thyself sticker are stamps.The Know thyself sticker is actually from one of the new CM Inspirations packs.

  2. I remember this picture from the set you shared. I like this page. So he sketched both sets of drawings? Is the “Know Thyself” a sticker you found? I think you’ll find my page is much more embellished. Hopefully I get the picture today so I can show you.

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