Posted by: Michelle | June 14, 2007

Daisy Ds Order

Last night I wrote about having finally received my order from Daisy Ds. In addition to getting papers, I got two other items. One is what they call File Folder Keepers. I think they may be discontinuing them since they are really marked down in price on their site. What it is is basically a small folder (5″x6.25″) with 4 color coordinating tabs. I can see decorating it and creating a small album along the lines of the paper bag books, but to be honest, I am glad that I didn’t pay full price for it. Another thing that I may be able to do with it is use it as a template to cut out folders and tabs out of different card stock to create my own mini-albums.

The other item that I got is a CD Minibook. Again, I’m not sure what I am going to do with it. I guess I will have to take a look at the Idea Gallery on the Daisy Ds web site even though I don’t recall seeing any ideas using these products.

If you have used either of these products I would love it if you would share your ideas with me.


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