Posted by: Michelle | June 18, 2007

Challenges vs. Regular Pages

Before my friend left for her vacation, we talked a little bit about how we feel it is going with our scrapbooking challenges. At first, I think that she had second thoughts about getting involved in this but she has definitely enjoyed the experience.

See, both of us tend to always have way more pictures than we will ever need so our pages almost always contain at least 3-4 photos each … and sometimes even more. As we used to browse layout galleries on the web, we would always see really cute layouts that featured a single photo and think that we would never do something like that. The challenges have allowed us to do just that – design and use great layouts around a single photo.

I think that for me, the challenges have also caused my overall style to change to some degree. I have never been one to use a lot of embellishments, but after working on the challenges, I find myself using clean lines and simple embellishments. I am more likely to use ribbon and buttons rather than just using stickers now. It has been a nice change since it can be such a challenge to find just the right sticker for a page, especially when you are working on pages that always seem to feature boys doing boy things.

The biggest drawback that we have found is that we are having so much fun working on our challenge pages, that neither of us wants to work on our regular albums as much, and we are starting to fall a bit behind on them. But, I think that it is all worth it because we won’t be working on pages of our kids forever and hopefully we will be able to apply our lessons learned and continue scrapbooking even into our senior years.


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