Posted by: Michelle | June 19, 2007

Follow Up to Your Opinion Matters

In early June, I invited your feedback about the two pages that I had completed for a Same Photo Two Ways challenge that my friend and I had undertaken. When I posted that, I had said that I would share the results, and I apologize for not having done so sooner. The consensus seems to be that everyone liked the lighter background:

Layout 2 Two Way Challenge

To be honest, I did too. I think everyone liked the simplicity of the layout and how it truly focused the attention on the photo.

With regard to the other layout:

Layout 1 Two Way Challenge

People felt that it was too distracting and detracted from the beauty of the photo. Again, I have to agree. The idea was scraplifted from one that I had seen in the May/June issue of Simple Scrapbooks. While I still like the layout, perhaps it just wasn’t the best choice for this photo. I may wind up trying it again with a different type of photo and different papers. If I do, I will try to remember to share the results here so that I can again ask for your opinions, since they really do matter to me.



  1. Thanks for reporting back on the results. I have to agree with your assessment. The second layout is a great layout but is probably not the best choice for that particular photo. The first layout showcases it better.

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