Posted by: Michelle | June 21, 2007

Childhood Story Page

Earlier in the month, I challenged you to create a page that relates a story from your childhood. After I issued the challenge, I procrastinated about creating my own page, but between last night and this morning, I sat down and put together a page that is very different for me but that does tell my story.

Childhood story page Childhood Story Journalling

I have never done a page before where the journaling was hidden like it is on this one, so that is just one way in which this page is new for me. Also, it was strange for me to do a page for which I had no photos. Usually, I have tons of photos and have to be so selective.

Okay, now to share the story. As you can see, the page is titled, “Cooking Up a Trauma,” and the journaling says:

Who could ever have imagined that a quiet evening of watching Julia Childs on TV could turn so horribly bad? I couldn’t have been more than 3 or 4 years old on that fateful night. The family was all gathered around the TV to watch the show. On this particular episode, Julia was preparing lobster, but not until she finished up with some other dishes. The lobster was crawling around on her countertop which was quite honestly scaring me. I was convinced that it was going to bite her. My parents tried to convince me that it wouldn’t, but I didn’t believe them. Finally, my dad assured me that I could walk right up to the TV and touch the lobster right on its claw and it wouldn’t even bite me. What he didn’t take into account was that TV screens tended to build up quite a bit of static electricity, and when I touched the screen, I got one heck of an electric shock. I was convinced that the lobster had in fact bitten me, and I swore that I would never forgive my father. Needless to say, I have forgiven my father, but I have never eaten lobster in all of these years and I never plan to do so.

Who would have thought that an episode of Julia Childs could traumatize someone to this degree?



  1. This just backs up my feeling that lobsters are inherently evil –

  2. My father swears that he didn’t think about it and that he would never have told me to touch the screen if he had. Of course, he can have a mean streak, so maybe I was set up!

  3. Are you sure that pops didn’t know? Because I would’ve prompted my kid to do the same thing! That is a good story. I think Julia Childs is scary.


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