Posted by: Michelle | July 1, 2007

Nothing But Paper Challenge Results

Before I left for vacation, I did complete the latest in the series of challenges that my friend and I are doing. It was the nothing but paper challenge in which we could use nothing but paper to embellish our photos and our page. My page is simple but I like it:

Nothing But Paper Result

The photos are from a Reptiles Alive birthday party that my youngest son went to back in January. The paper turtles are based on an idea that was included in the Creative Memories Page Patterns (on the back of one of the tabs). The title is all Maryland. The University of Maryland mascot is the Terrapin and somehow Fear the Turtle has become almost a tagline for the school’s sports teams. It just seemed to work for the page, especially since Maryland’s school colors are red and white and the turtle was on a red cloth. The journalling talks about my youngest son and his courage. When he was younger (yes, he is only 8 now), he wasn’t much of a risk taker, but in the last couple of years he has developed so much confidence that now he can, and will, face almost anything without hesitation.

Like I said, the page is simple but I like it. I would love to hear what your thoughts are.



  1. […] but Paper challenge page done. Then, when she finally had the chance to work on it, she saw that I had used the same Creative Memories idea that she intended to use. She quickly regrouped and found other photos and a different Creative […]

  2. I had seriously thought about going ahead with the turtle page since I hadn’t really looked at your page other than to know it was turtles and red, but in order for me to remember how to make the turtles (yeah I probably could have figured it out) I would have either needed to get my idea book back or go to your page to see. Using the rose page was just as fun and more sentimental.

  3. I think it is interesting how similar our ideas are tending to be even though are styles are so different.
    You probably could have gone ahead and used the turtles so that we could see how we applied the same concept in varied ways, but I do love what you did on your Rose of Sharon page.

  4. This is cute. As I indicated before I had accidentally seen it last week but quickly closed it prior to doing my page so I hadn’t seen any of the detail. Our layouts would have been different but we both shared the idea of using a picture of a turtle and creating the paper turtles.

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