Posted by: Michelle | July 3, 2007

Our Scrapbook Challenges

Yesterday, I asked you for suggestions of other challenges that my friend and I could try. I have shared with you about all of the challenges that we have worked on so far, but I didn’t tell you what future challenges we have already come up with. Some of the ideas that we have talked about are:

As Many Colors as Possible Challenge – we each must create a page using as many colors as possilbe with the page still looking good. This is probably going to be the next challenge that we will work on.

Color Inspiration Challenge – We will each select a non-scrapbooking item and then we will both create a page using colors from that item. Anyone who is familiar with Simple Scrapbooks magazine knows that this idea is based on a monthly column.

All About Me Challenge – we will each create a layout about ourselves (similar to Karen’s June Challenge).

Recipe Page Challenge – This one is pretty self-explanatory and aligns with my current July challenge. We will each create a page featuring a favorite recipe.

Special Object Challenge – We will each create a page about an object that has special significance to us.

Kid’s Comfort Object Challenge – We will each create a page about one of our children’s special comfort object.

Unrelated Photo Challenge – We will each create a multi-photo (3-4 photos) that are unrelated. They must be from different events but can include the same people.

Same Embellishment Challenge – Each of us will create a page using the same embellishment as our starting point. This is similar to the same 4 product challenges that we completed early on (Lori’s Choice and My Choice) but we will only share one product and for the rest we will be allowed to express our own styles by selecting our own products.

Like I said yesterday, if you have any ideas for challenges that we haven’t considered, please do share them with us. One of the primary goals of these challenges is to get us to try new things, so your ideas would truly be welcome.



  1. I have tried to issue a couple of challenges here on the blog. For June I encouraged people to create a page that relates a story from their childhood (, but I didn’t have any takers. For July, I am asking people to create a recipe pages ( and to share it like you did for the All About Me page challenge in May. Lori and I will each be doing a recipe page soon so I will share those, and I am hoping that some other people will join the fun.

  2. You guys are becoming the Challenge Queens, Michelle.
    Have you considered setting up and running your own Challenge for others to do?

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