Posted by: Michelle | July 4, 2007

Another Great Scrapbooking Magazine

It is no secret that I love Simple Scrapbooks magazine. I prefer to keep my pages fairly simple so it really does suit my style and has given me many great ideas that I have applied to my pages.

Well, a coupld of months ago, I picked up my first issue of Scrapbooks etc. Since that first issue, I have bought every additional issue that I have seen. It too features a lot of great layout suggestions that I have scraplifted from. But one thing that it has the Simple Scrapbooks does not is the See the Sketch pull-out section. I find myself referring to these pull-outs all the time. Before my friend and I started our challenges, I never really sketched out my pages in advance of putting them together. I would lay everything out on my table and play around with it, but not start from a sketch or with a plan in mind in most cases. These See the Sketch pullouts have helped me to look at my scrapbooking in a different way.  I don’t see the sketches on their web site which is a bummer, but if you get a chance to pick up an issue of the magazine, I really do recommend that you pick it up.


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