Posted by: Michelle | July 6, 2007

Photography Challenge Invitation

As much as I love scrapbooking, I think that I love photographing nature even more. I also do enjoy looking at other people’s nature photographs. I really think that seeing other people’s photos can be a learning experience and can provide a lot of inspiration as I continue to indulge my fascination with taking great photos. So, please select your best photographs of nature and let me know about them. If they are posted on your own blog, just give me a comment here and ping back to your own blog. If there are shots that you have seen on other blogs (maybe not shots you have taken but that you think are really great), let me know about those too.

I have posted a couple of my favorites before, but here they are again. Maybe they will inspire you.

Flower with raindrops

After an early morning rain in Munyonyo, Uganda

Lake Victoria

Sunrise on Lake Victoria, Munyonyo, Uganda.

I realize that not everyone can just pick up and go to Africa or some other exotic location to shoot photos of nature, but there are also plenty of great nature shots that are much closer to home.

Water in a stream at Patapsco

A babbling brook at Patapsco State Park, Maryland

MB Peacock

Peacock at Waccatee Zoon, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Take your best shot and let me know about it.



  1. Thank you, Karen. Living in Boy World like I do, I have to indulge myself and focus on the pretty stuff once in a while.

  2. Stunning photos Michelle. Love ’em.

  3. thanks for the link, i’ll check it out…

  4. Thank you everyone for your feedback.

    Narziss, your photos are gorgeous.

    You might also enjoy some of the photos on Dave Snyder’s web site. Dave is a professional photographer who has traveled extensively taking photos for Catholic Relief Services among other agencies.

  5. Really, really, beautiful photographs!

    I myself just love photographing nature…and that’s something I do something very often (though I make do with what camera I have, since I can’t afford a professional DSLR…though I am almost a pro photographer)…

    My name would link back to my photo-blog (from where there’s a link to my main blog too, if you’re interested). I hope you like the photographs there! 🙂

  6. I love the picture of Lake Victoria.
    The composition,the mood, you’ve created is very beautiful.

    J Alan

  7. Thanks for the link! If you post about trees again, you might like to submit to the Festival of the Trees!

  8. JLB,

    Thanks for your comments. I could definitely have sat there by Lake Victoria for hours just enjoying that view.

    Based on what I saw on Arboreality, you might like this one.

  9. Greetings! I found you through the wordpress tag for photography. If you are interested, you can see my nature photography both at Arboreality, and Brainripples.

    I really like your photography from Uganda. It’s framed so nicely with the palms, and I am certain I could sit there and enjoy the view all day! It reminds me of this photo of another watery sunrise which I found this morning.

    Happy nature-photo-browsing,


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