Posted by: Michelle | July 15, 2007

Pink Overload

Well, as planned, I put together a paper bag book for one of my co-workers who is expecting a baby girl. Now, before I show you the results, you have to understand that I have all boys. My husband’s sister also has all boys. Baby girls are somewhat of a novelty to us since we can’t seem to have any of our own – and, no, we aren’t trying any more. That being said, it is possible that I overdid the pink just a little bit.

Here are some photos of the book:

Baby book for a girl   Inside baby book pages   Another Baby Book Page   Baby Book Pull-out Tag

After the baby shower, when she got some very girly outfits, including a little pink dress from me, she said that she sure hopes that the doctors are right and that the baby is a girl. Me too.



  1. I probably won’t have the pink baby girl album by the time we get together since the woman that I made it for is going to be back at work next week, but I will have other samples and will continue to post samples here.

  2. This looks very sweet. I would love to see it up front. With having twins, I want to do something special for each of them that is just theirs…this may be it!

  3. The pages aren’t necessarily what I would consider sturdy. You could make them stronger by using card stock instead of just using printed papers.

    I wouldn’t try more than 3 paper bags just because I suspect that the book wouldn’t fold nicely and it would be really difficult to punch through more than 3 bags.

    Perhaps when we get together on the 3rd, I can do a little paperbag book session for you and the other ladies.

  4. It looks really cute. I’m still having a hard time thinking about your instructions and putting it all together. How sturdy are the actual pages? Can you use more than 3 bags if you want?

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