Posted by: Michelle | July 19, 2007

More Paper Bag Books

My friend, Laura – not to be confused with Lori – has thoroughly embraced the idea of paper bag books. She has begun making them for friends and colleagues and is now working with another co-worker to show her how to make them for herself. Laura was kind enough to share photos of 2 of her books with me.

Before I show you any photos, I should explain that Laura loves bright colors, particularly pinks, greens and oranges and she is passionate about paisley.

Laura Pink and Green inside page sample  Another Pink and Green inside page  Pink and Green sample tab   Pink and Green book back

The other book that she shared was one that she made for a colleague who wanted one to put her daughter’s wedding photos in. This book was made with small white gift bags, since Laura was going for a much more elegant look.

Elegant Paper Bag Book cover   Elegant Inside page   Another elegant interior page   Elegant book - flap

I think that she did a fantastic job on both of the books and I am looking forward to seeing some of her future work. Hopefully (if we encourage her enough) she will share photos of future books with us.



  1. Very valid points! I would certainly not use the paperbag books for cherished photos such as a wedding album and would probably only use photos for which I can easily obtain copies. Even then, I would recommend using one of the acid neutralizing products on the paperbags to try to extend the life of any photos contained therein.

  2. Ugh. How photo safe could these be? I wouldn’t trust my precious wedding pix to the acid in paper bags. These might look cool, but why take the chance with putting your memories in something that’s going to destroy the paper and the color process?

    Find a company that CERTIFIES its products as acid-free, lignan-free and buffered. Any company can CLAIM this, but the company that backs it with international certification is the company to trust.

  3. Linda,

    In case you didn’t find them, I do have a post all about how to make the books –

    Hope this helps.

  4. I love the books – do you have instructions on how to make them?

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