Posted by: Michelle | July 22, 2007

Scrapbooking Everyday Events

I always read how it is so important to scrap those every day events that happen between all of the holidays, parties, vacations and other outings. This morning I made a point of doing just that. About 3 months ago, I took pictures of my cats while they were eating their breakfast. The pictures were taken so that I could show people how wide Sara is compared to Coco – a normal sized cat. Sara, who is white with dark grey spots, looks more like a cow than a cat. That is how she got her nickname of “Meow Cow.”

Since I had the pictures, I went ahead filed them in chronological order. When I came to them last evening, I knew that I wanted to create a page using the photos and the title came easily – Feeding Frenzy. I decided to take advantage and journal about how every morning after my husband gets his shower, the cats feel that it is time for them to eat and how they nag me until I feed them – meowing and following me around. One of these days the cats will be gone, and I will miss our morning ritual. At least it is now in my scrapbook, so I will never have to forget how things once were.


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