Posted by: Michelle | July 25, 2007

BFF – Best Friends Forever

Don’t you hate it when a scrapbook page gets into your head so much that you can’t sleep? My subconscious must have been working overtime as I fell asleep last night because I woke up at some ungodly hour with journalling running through my brain. Ironically, when I first looked at the pictures that I had taken at the middle school enrichment fair, I was not too inspired. Then as I thought about them more, I decided to take a different spin and focus on my son and his best friend – BFF you could say. With that in mind, things fell together quickly and easily – especially considering the journalling came to me in my sleep.

Here are pictures of the layout:

Best Friends page 1BFF page2

Sorry for the picture quality. I should be getting ready for work right now rather than working on my blog.

The supplies came from a pack of Chatter Box paper patches that I had bought some time back since I love the color combinations.



  1. That happens to me all the time Michelle. Especially if I have been looking at online galleries late at night.

  2. You think so? Obviously you have never been on one of our scrapbooking weekends. Sleep is purely optional. Scrapbooking is mandatory!

  3. Rule of thumb for a better life;

    Sleep should come before scrapbooking on the priority list!

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