Posted by: Michelle | July 28, 2007

Last Call for Recipe Pages

I guess no one wants to share their recipe pages. I invited everyone to share way back at the beginning of the month.

I posted one of my pages to provide inspiration.

Mini Chocolate Banana Cheesecakes

I shared a link to a fabulous site for inspiration – Amanda’s Recipes.

My friend and I each selected a recipe and were supposed to create a page. I got mine done and posted. My friend has been trying to get caught up with her family albums but should be working on her page soon. Once I have hers, I will post it. Here is mine again.

Whoppers Brownies

What more can I do?

Okay, I will share the page that I completed for our second recipe challenge. My friend selected the recipe for me for this one, and the recipe she chose was for 7 Layer Cookie Bars. The original recipe called for pecans which I’m not crazy about so I changed it to peanuts. Here is my page:

7 Layer Cookie Bars

Okay, I will admit that it is an almost total scraplift from Amanda’s recipe page for Creamy Ranch Pasta but I like it.

I’d still love to see other people’s recipe pages.



  1. I got it the other night when we were at Recollections. The colors are different for me but I like them.

  2. I love the colors in the striped paper.

  3. Well, Michelle (great name by the way), if you make a recipe page please share the result with me. I would love to see what other people come up with since that is the best way to learn and get new ideas.

  4. I just love what you have done with these recipe pages. What an amazing idea. I just want to grab my scrabooking materials and get started right now! Please keep sharing your ideas. It is such an inspiration.


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