Posted by: Michelle | August 1, 2007

Extending the July Challenge

Hey, I know that you people have favorite recipes. What better way to pass them along to your children than to create special recipe page scrapbooks? The first recipe page that I ever did was part of my family album. I had started making special Christmas cookies and included the recipe on one of my layouts. Shortly thereafter, I began creating recipe books for each of my boys. They select the recipes that they love and I have to create the pages.

Here is the deal. All I am asking is that you create (or dig up an old) recipe page and share it with me. If even one person shares a recipe page, I will see if I can’t find the original one that I did for the Christmas cookies and try to post it here – just please know that I created it late on a Saturday night of a weekend scrapbooking get-away. I remember that I had to step away from it because I was so tired that my vision was blurring. But, I will share it if anyone (and I mean anyone other than my friend Lori since she still has to finish her challenge pages) shares a recipe page with me.


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