Posted by: Michelle | August 12, 2007

Update on Challenges

I know that I haven’t spoken about the challenges that I have been doing with my friend for a while. We are still doing them. She just wanted to take a little break and work on her regular albums a bit since her photos were starting to pile up. She is going to hopefully be working on her two recipes pages (her choice of recipe and my choice of recipe) pretty soon and I am sure that she will pass along photos of her pages when she gets them done.

Our next challenge was a color inspiration challenge in which we had to select a non-scrapbooking item and use the colors contained within as the starting point for our page. As I mentioned before, I selected the tropical placemats from Target. I have put my page together but don’t want to post it quite yet so that my friend has a chance to catch up with her challenge pages a bit.

Now, Lori did give me the object for our next color inspiration challenge when we saw each other on Friday. She selected ribbon with white, light blue, bright green and brown. I took enough of the ribbon that should be able to use it on my page if I so choose. To be honest though, I haven’t really given any thought yet to what I might do for that page.

I will continue to keep you posted on our progress with our challenges as we move forward.

Now, I am going to ask for your help to choose which challenge we should do next. Please select one of the following and let me know which one by commenting back to this post.

Special Object Challenge – We will each create a page about an object that has special significance to us.

Kid’s Comfort Object Challenge – We will each create a page about one of our children’s special comfort object.

Unrelated Photo Challenge – We will each create a multi-photo (3-4 photos) that are unrelated. They must be from different events but can include the same people.

Same Embellishment Challenge – Each of us will create a page using the same embellishment as our starting point. This is similar to the same 4 product challenges that we completed early on (Lori’s Choice and My Choice) but we will only share one product and for the rest we will be allowed to express our own styles by selecting our own products.

It is in your hands.



  1. […] and now we are waiting on you to tell us what we should do next. Please refer back to the latest Update on Challenges post and let us know which challenge we should tackle next. […]

  2. I like Laura’s idea but it is going to be difficult to find some type of embellishment that neither Lori nor I have ever used.

    If we don’t get more votes, I will just have to let Mattimus and Laura fight it out.

  3. I think you should do the same embellishment challenge, but make it an embellishment that neither of you have used before.

  4. I think that Lori would agree with you about which challenge we should do next, since I believe she said that she already has her photo for that one.

    I could photograph Travis’ miniature giraffe, but I don’t know if it has enough of a special meaning. I really need to give some thought to what item I would choose to photography and highlight.

  5. I believe the special object challenge should be next. maybe like a miniature giraffe or something…

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