Posted by: Michelle | August 15, 2007

Recipe Page Challenge Results

As promised, my friend sent me pictures of her recipe pages and I am now sharing them with you. For her choice of recipe, she chose to create a page featuring her Ambrosia Salad:

Ambrosia Salad Recipe Page

You can click on the photo to see a larger version. Part of the delay that she encountered with this pages was that she really wanted to include a photo of her salad and wasn’t having too many opportunities to make it. Well, she finally had an excuse when we gathered at her house the other week to work on scrapbooks.

The recipe that I selected for her to use was for something called a Greek Skillet Supper. She has yet to try the recipe so she had to create this page without benefit of a photo which she said made it even more of a challenge for her. Here is her result:

Greek Skillet Supper Recipe Page

I really do like her page, especially the colors. Let us know what you think of her pages.

Hopefully, I will share the results from our first color inspiration challenge tomorrow, so be sure to check them out.



  1. Yes, I did. I didn’t post it all by it’s self but it was included in You even commented on it and said that you liked the colors.

  2. did you ever do your recipe challenge that I gave you?

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