Posted by: Michelle | August 19, 2007

2nd Color Inspiration Challenge

Well, both Lori and I have completed our second color inspiration challenge pages. For this challenge, we both had to create a page using the colors found in a spool of ribbon that Lori selected. The colors were light blue, brown, bright green and white. Here is Lori’s page:

Lori’s 2nd Color Inspiration

You can see a small piece of the ribbon at the bottom of her journalling box. I, of course, went in a different direction. Here is my page:

My 2nd Color Inspiration

As always, we would love to hear what you think of our pages.

Also, we are still trying to decide which challenge to do next. Place your vote for one of the following:

Special Object Challenge – We will each create a page about an object that has special significance to us.

Kid’s Comfort Object Challenge – We will each create a page about one of our children’s special comfort object.

Unrelated Photo Challenge – We will each create a multi-photo (3-4 photos) that are unrelated. They must be from different events but can include the same people.

Same Embellishment Challenge – Each of us will create a page using the same embellishment as our starting point. This is similar to the same 4 product challenges that we completed early on (Lori’s Choice and My Choice) but we will only share one product and for the rest we will be allowed to express our own styles by selecting our own products.

So far, we have one vote for special object and one for same embellishment. Help break the tie.



  1. As you know, I have torn paper before and I like the look it can give a page. I did however buy something this weekend that you might fing useful. It is put out by Fiskars and it is called a Paper Tear Edger. I haven’t used it yet, but supposedly you can use it to help you tear the paper neatly and with a touch of the pattern to it. I purchased the Deckle edge one which is a bit more random. It is also available in Wave Scallop and Zig Zag patterns. It includes instructions about how to use the tool and tips. It was only $5 at Recollections, so I thought I would give it a try.

  2. I like your page. It is very different from what you’ve done in the past. And you used the technique that I simply haven’t mastered (tearing the paper to get the purposely ragged edge). I can’t seem to do it without shredding my paper.

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