Posted by: Michelle | August 30, 2007

One Crazy Week

I just wanted to apologize for not being more proactive about updating you on what is going on. School started this week and between that, the beginning of bowling and my son’s birthday, it has been one crazy week so far. Hopefully, as we approach the weekend, things will calm back down to the dull roar that is my life.

Previously, I wrote that for our next challenge, Lori and I will each be creating a page about an object that has special meaning to us. Well, I finally decided on what item I am going to use and took so pictures of it last night. I hope to get the prints this weekend and to decide which shot turned out the best. Photographing my special object proved to be a bit tricky since it is made mostly of glass, but I think I did an okay job. I guess I will know for sure when I get my prints back.

Does anyone have any tips or suggestions about how to photograph something made of glass, just in case I need to re-take the picutres?


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