Posted by: Michelle | September 5, 2007

My Son’s Comfort Object

For our next challenge, my friend and I will be creating pages about one of our child’s comfort objects. As I mentioned in a previous post, I have already done something similar about my younger son’s comfort object – his Big Bear. Now, he obtained Big Bear quite accidentally. See, Big Bear was originally mine. When we moved into our house, my son was barely a year old. I had the Pack & Play at the new house for him to sleep in until the crib got moved. It looked so uncomfortable that I threw my bear in there so he would have something soft. I have never gotten the bear back (and more than 7 years have passed). I created the following 2-page spread in February 2002.

Big Bear page 1Big Bear page 2

You can click on the thumbnails to see larger versions of the pages. The journaling simply talks about how Big Bear is always able to make him feel better and how he sleeps with him every night. To this day, Big Bear is the only stuffed animal that never gets taken off of the bed at night.

If you have kids and they have that one special object, please share the story in the comments. As Lori and I prepare to create new comfort object pages, we would love the inspirations.


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