Posted by: Michelle | September 11, 2007

I Need Help/Advice

In a lot of the scrapbooking books and magazines that I read (and re-read) I see a lot of pages that use transparencies. As far as I can tell, the main reason that this is done is to include text and other embellishments (like flourishes) over a photo. I would like to experiment with this, but just can’t figure out how to adhere the transparency. Do you treat the transparency just like vellum? If so, does anyone have any recommendations of adhesives to use that won’t show through?

I have seen a layout in Memory Makers book Quick & Easy Scrapbook Pages that I would love to scraplift if I can just figure out how to do it.

Any advice or  recommendations that anyone can share will be quite welcome.



  1. Thanks, Karen. I assumed that it was similar to working with vellum but since I have never used transparencies I figured I would ask for advice before I jumped right in.

  2. Michelle there’s lots of ways to hold transparencies in place. one of my favourites is to use a couple of brads in letters which have acircle in them like d or p or o.
    Also you can use scrapbooking glue if you carefully apply it behind a part of the transparency that has printing on it.

  3. Is this man-product acid free and archival? Before I put anything onto my pictures I need to be certain that it is photo-safe.

  4. Clear stickem. Like we use on our football gloves to help catch balls, or our bat grips for better hits. A man-product if you will! a light spritz to the page, let it dry, and the transparency will stick with no smudges.

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