Posted by: Michelle | September 13, 2007

A Big Announcement, and I Mean Big

Over the last couple of weeks, my family has been going through the process to adopt a Great Dane from MAGDRL.  Yes, Great Danes are big – hence the title of the post. On Saturday, we are going to be bringing home Lexi, a gorgeous two-year old harlequin female.  Last weekend, we drove out to Morgantown, WV to meet her and absolutely fell in love.

Now, I realize that not everyone is in the position to adopt a Great Dane. After all, they are large dogs. But anyone can help a great organization like MAGDRL continue their work. They are always seeking dontations since it is not cheap to foster Great Danes and if you go to their site, you will see that they currrently are providing care for many of these loving dogs. Coming up next month, they are sponsoring an online auction to raise money that will enable them to continue their work.  Currently they seeking donations so, if you can, dig deep and make a donation. For more information, visit

Once Lexi gets home I know that I will be taking tons of pictures and that I will probably wind up sharing at least a few here.



  1. Best of luck.

    We have had two MAGDRL Danes. Please see “Remembering a Gentle Giant” at

    for the story of Coz.

  2. I like big dogZ! Good luck this weekend, and I’ll be anticipating some pics soon…

  3. The woman who was fostering Lexi actually works at WVU and lives just minutes from campus. I didn’t have much time to check out the town since we just came to meet Lexi and then turned right around and went back home to Baltimore.

  4. Michelle I hope you enjoyed your visit to Morgantown. i was surprise to see that you visited here because we really aren’t well know except for WVU. I hope you enjoy your new family member. -Christina

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