Posted by: Michelle | September 14, 2007

In a Scrapbooking Rut

I’m sure it has happened to all of us. We get into a scrapbooking rut where the ideas just won’t come no matter what we do. I have photos laid out on my table and I just stare at them and can’t seem to come up with anything to do with them.

I currently am working on 3 different pages and can’t get started with any of them. I have the next set of pages for my vacation album and while I have some ideas, I just can’t seem to focus in on any particular one to implement. I have to work on my older son’s comfort object page and even going to the scrapbooking section at Michaels didn’t provide the inspiration that I need. I am also working on the next page for Tamara’s blog. Of all of the pages, that is the one that I have made the most progress on but I just am not certain about my ideas so I haven’t taped anything down. Of course, for that page, the basic idea was defined for me by the sketch.

I think Lori is going through similar issues with her albums. I think that she said that her schedule got busy and she didn’t have time to work on anything for a little while and now she is having a hard time getting back into it.

I know that when I am in a rut I try looking at the various sites for layout ideas and I re-read scrapbooking magazines until the pages are dog-eared, but I usually still find myself struggling. Do any of you have ways that you break out of a scrapbooking rut (since I know we have all been there)? Please share your techniques for kick-starting the creative juices and getting back to the craft that we all love.



  1. Thanks, Christina. That certainly makes more sense than flipping through the same magazine over and over again. I have started collecting sketches but don’t have enough to really categorize them yet.

  2. When I look through a magazine I copy down a sketch of the layouts I like onto an index card. I categorize them by the number of photos and pages. When I have pages to do I decide the photos I want to include and pull those index cards out. You don’t have to worry about have the same layout time after time if you remember you can always invert the layout. I hope this helps.

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