Posted by: Michelle | September 16, 2007

Our New Arrival

Well, Lexi arrived yesterday, and she was quite curious about everything in and around our house. The poor cats are a bit freaked out right now because they have never seen anything quite this large (and curious) in their home before. We have put a baby gate to let Lexi know that she is not allowed upstairs so that the cats have a safe haven. Of course, cats also tend to be curious creatures so poor Sara learned the hard way that she is not proficient in getting over the baby gate. While we had the dogs out for a walk, she decided to venture downstairs. Well, when Lexi found her, she tried to make a run for it, but wasn’t anticipating the baby gate being at the bottom of the stairs. She did about 6 laps around our house with her tail puffed to probably 4 times its normal size before she figured out how to get upstairs. It is probably the most exercise she has had in quite a while. 

Well, Lexi was not really willing to cooperate but I did get a couple of photos of her.



As always, you can click on the thumbnails to get a better look. She really is a pretty girl and we are happy to welcome her to our family.


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