Posted by: Michelle | September 24, 2007

Son’s Comfort Object

Okay, I did manage to find time to complete the journalling on my son’s comfort object page. The thing that I have found with the last 2 challenges – the one’s featuring significant objects – is that the journalling almost writes itself. Particularly with this page, I knew exactly what key points I wanted to include and it was just a matter of putting them into a nice paragraph.

Snip Page

The picture isn’t the greatest, but you can click on the thumbnail to see a larger version. Of course, even if you look at the larger photo, you probably won’t be able to read the journalling. Here is what I wrote:

When I first bought Snip for Kyle, Kyle was kind of ambivalent to this little stuffed cat. Before long though, ambivalence turned to obsession. Kyle would carry Snip around with him all the time. Eventually, out of fear that something would happen to Snip, we made a rule that Snip couldn’t leave the house. That didn’t bother Kyle. He simply began to take “imaginary Snip” with him wherever he went. When one of his day care providers saw how ratty the ready Snip had become, she bought a brand new Snip for Kyle. It just wasn’t the same though. Today, both Snips are put away in a safe place…unless Kyle is having a really bad day. When that happens, he will still take out his Snip to help him feel better.

I knew that I wanted to talk about how he didn’t even care about Snip originally but later became obsessed, and I knew that I had to talk about “imaginary Snip.” I also knew that I had to introduce the new Snip since I included it in my main photo.

It is hard to tell in the photo of the page, but the original Snip has no whiskers and her eyes are all scratched up. She is also just dingy but all that just confirms how loved she has been. My son is now 12 and no longer needs his Snip, but I bet if I asked if we could throw her away, he would still pitch a fit.

If you have created a page or have stories about your child’s special object, please share them here, or just share your thoughts on my Snip page. Also, don’t forget to vote on which challenge Lori and I should do next –



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