Posted by: Michelle | October 2, 2007

Tie Breaker Needed

Well, when people have a choice between 5 different items and you have 4 votes, you run the risk of having each vote cast for a different choice. That is exactly what has happened so far. Here are the choices one more time:

  • 3-4 Unrelated Photos Challenge – We both must create a layout using 3 or 4 unrelated photos – from different events. They can be of the same person/people.

  • Sketch Challenge – We both must create a layout based on a page sketch. We will do a Michelle’s Choice and a Lori’s Choice for this challenge.

  • Photo Mix Up Challenge– We both must create a layout combining black and white and color photos.

  • Monochromatic Layout Challenge – We both must create a monochromatic layout in the color of the other person’s choice.

  • Multiple Titles Challenge: We both must create a single page that includes the title multiple times and in multiple ways.

So far, my older son has voted for the Monochromatic Layout. My younger son has voted for the Sketch Challenge. Jacklyn has voted for the Photo Mix-Up challenge and Neon-forever has voted for the 3-4 Unrelated Photos Challenge.

That being said, we need your help. We are accepting votes through this Friday and we need your votes to help break the deadlock that we currently have. I will post the decision on Saturday along with an invitation for all of you to participate in whichever challenge wins.  We would love to see other people’s interpretations of our challenge.

Get out the vote and influence Lori’s and my ongoing scrapbooking challenges.



  1. Well, Mattimus, I know exactly which color Lori doesn’t want me to select. If we wind up doing the monochromatic challenge, I have to decide whether to be nice or not. Of course, she gets to pick my color too, so I will probably be nice.

  2. I vote for monochromatic. I hope everyone makes each other use ugly colors! Sometimes ugly colors, if presented correctly, make a stunning final piece. Good luck!


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