Posted by: Michelle | October 13, 2007

Ready for the Big Day

Well, today is the Great Gathering. I am very excited about having so much uninterrupted scrapbooking time and about seeing the ladies. My goal is to complete my PicFolio Quick Kit Pets album today. I am going to include a couple of pages about how we came to have each of our current pets and then I am going to focus on the newest addition for most of the album. We will see if the name Quick Kit is accurate.

After I get that done, it is back to vacation photos. I still have a lot to do there so that should easily fill the rest of my day.

To get myself back into a good scrapbooking groove, I worked on a couple of layouts that will be included on Sketches by Tamara over the coming weeks. I really like how both of the layouts turned out and am looking forward to seeing other people’s interpretations of the sketches. For one of the sketches, I actually used leftover photos from one of Lori’s and my challenges so I will be sure to share that page here as well – and to compare it to the page I created for Lori’s and my challenge. Unfortunately, I don’t want to post it until the layout has appeared on Tamara’s site first – since I did design the page for her blog.


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