Posted by: Michelle | October 14, 2007

A Great Success

Well, yesterday was a huge success, at least in my opinion. I was able to complete the entire Quick Kit Pets album in probably about 3 hours or so. It is 24 pages longs, so I was pretty happy about that. With the remainder of my time, I was able to complete 16 pages in my vacation album. My goals for the day were to complete the pet album and to make good progress on my vacation album, so I can certainly say that I achieved my goals.

Another outcome of the day was that my brain is now spinning with fantastic ideas of ways to use the new paisley punch. Janet, my CM consultant and our lovely hostess, offered 2 make a take borders that used the paisley punch in the conventional way, but had a board suggesting several other ideas. Among the ideas were to punch 5 paisleys out of yellow paper and to arrange them in a circle to use as a sun. Using 5 or 6 green paisleys and a bit of brown paper she created a palm tree. With just a tall, thin triangle, a circle and 2 paisleys, you can create an angel that would be fantastic on any Christmas play page. Another great Christmas idea that she had was to layer several paisleys in the shape of a triangle to create a Christmas tree. Finally, the woman next to me created a lovely bird using an oval, a small circle, a small triangle and 2 paisleys. If anyone else has purchased a paisley maker and has found creative uses for it, please share them here. I don’t know if I will have time today, but sometime over the next couple of days, I plan to play around with my paisley maker and to put together some of the ideas that Janet shared so that I can post them here.


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