Posted by: Michelle | October 19, 2007

How Unrelated is Unrelated?

Well, as Lori and I contemplate our next challenge, the question of how unrelated is unrelated has arisen. In our description, we did say that the photos could be of the same person but not of the same event.

My original thought was that I would use pictures of my three boys from their various first days of Kindergarden – spanning about 9 years. Unfortunately, I don’t have the pictures digitally and didn’t feel like digging through boxes and boxes of photos to see if I have hard copies of all three. So, I gave up on that idea.

My next thought for the page was to use pictures of my 4 pets from random times over the last couple of years. Well, some people thought that was not unrelated enough, but based on the description, it technically does fit. Different subjects at different times, but they are related because they are all my pets.

Now, I am looking at yet another option but I am afraid that my friend Laura is right and that I am not thinking outside of the box enough. I guess I will have to think about it some more this weekend and then finally make a decision. I know Lori is away, so she isn’t going to get her page done this weekend. Hopefully, we will both have results next week.



  1. Well, unfortunately I don’t happen to have any of those items laying around and therefore don’t have any corresponding photos. But, I can take the hint. I need to really challenge myself and use 4 items that really seem to have nothing in common.

  2. 4 unrelated photos that I would like to see used:

    a “shoots and ladders” gameboard
    bottle of absynthe
    an old white-walled car tire
    and some fresh-bloomed foxglove…

    Good luck slackers!

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