Posted by: Michelle | October 24, 2007

Circular Thinking

As you all know, I thoroughly enjoy working from Tamara’s sketches and I love being a part of her design team. The only problem that I seem to have is that on occasion, she will create sketches that use large circles as a major design element. For example: and Don’t get me wrong, I love how these layouts turn out and I wish that I came up with the ideas myself. My problem is that I struggle with how to best cut the large circles. For the first circular layout that she sent me, I hand cut the circle and while it isn’t perfect, it turned out okay. For the second one, I avoided the large circle all together – which was probably a bit of a cop out. Now, I have another sketch to work form that uses a large circle. I would love any suggestions that people can offer about working with large circles – preferred tools, techniques. I am a paper scrapbooker who hasn’t yet made the leap to digital, but these circles are starting to make me seriously consider it.



  1. I do have the CM Custom Cutting System but the circles that I can cut using that just weren’t big enough for the page layout that I was working on. Tamara should be posting the layouts that I finally made soon and you will see what I mean. I did finally find something that would allow me to cut larger circles and, while I am not yet perfect with it, it is better than letting me cut anything by hand.

  2. Do you have the circle cutting tools from Creative Memories?

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