Posted by: Michelle | November 3, 2007

Photo Mix Up

I haven’t heard if Lori has made any progress on her latest challenges (Unrelated Objects and Photo Mix-Up), but I wanted to go ahead and share my latest challenge page. Here is my photo mix up page results.

Photo Mix Up

I will admit that I probably could have gotten more creative, but for whatever reason when I saw this beautifully colored tree, I thought that it would be fun to take some black and white shots in addition to the color ones.

The journaling is a poem that I found online. It reads:

A tangerine and russet cascade
Of kaleidoscopic leaves
Creates a tapestry of autumn magic
Upon the emerald carpet of fading summer.

I thought it was a good fit for with the photos. I would love to hear your thoughts about my page.



  1. This wasn’t what I originally had in mind when we talked about the challenge, but then I started taking pictures of the fall colors, I decided to take a few in black and white. When I got the pictures back, I realized that I had matching photos in color and black and white, so decided to use them.

    Originally, I was going to do something a bit more abstract.

    Oh well. I like how this turned out and I can always use the other idea for another page.

  2. I like this page. I love taking pictures of the trees turning colors so this one is really cool for me.

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