Posted by: Michelle | November 7, 2007

Caught Up on Challenges

Well, Lori’s pictures that we thought may have gotten lost in the mail finally showed up and she was able to complete both the unrelated items challenge and the photo mix-up challenge.

Here is her page for the unrelated items challenge:

Lori’s Unrelated Objects page

And, here are her results for the Photo Mix-Up challenge:

Lori’s Photo Mix Up Challenge Page

As always, you can click on the thumbnails to see larger versions of the pages.

I was a bit surprised by her choice of subject for the mix-up challenge, but I really like her page.

For our next challenge, we are both going to create a page using the Creative Memories paisley punch in a creative way. Wish us luck with that because neither of us is terribly creative in that way.



  1. I agree with all of you, but I think by applying a title to a page it somehow forces you to relate the items in some way. Had I chosen to not include the title you could still say they were related through the use of water – or at least some form of water. And even though Michelle’s items are definitely less related, the use of the title “A Fall Day” seems to relate them. Doing the layout without the title (something Michelle and I don’t do too often) would definitely allow the page to fit the definition of the challenge more. My personal thoughts right now – I’m glad the challenge is done. I really enjoyed the photo mix-up challenge a lot more.

  2. BTW, Laura, as crazy as you are about paisleys, I want to extend an invitation to you to participate in our creative use of the CM paisley punch challenge.

  3. I think that Lori and I failed to really define this challenge clearly enough when we formulated the idea. Obviously, you aren’t going to create a page of completely unrelated items so there will always be some relationship between the photographs whether time, topic or whatever. For me, the 3 items that I used all represented different parts of a single day in my life – Travis’ soccer game, admiring the colors of the fall leaves and planting bulbs in my garden. Lori selected 3 very different nature photos and tried to tie them together into a coherent page.

    While the whole concept of unrelated photos remains unclear, it is clear that this page forced Lori and I both to work in a way that is different for us. In that way, I think it was a successful challenge.

  4. I agree with Mattimus. I guess I don’t get the idea behind unrelated. When you put a title that says fall, then they become related. The same way Lori’s do when she says nature. Although I see that they aren’t related in that they weren’t all taken at the same time.

    I do like your layout though and agree you have become much more creative in your use of color and paper.

  5. Tough challenge. These photos look awful related to me! Water, seasons, outdoors… lots of common threads.

    a peach, football cleats, and a miniature giraffe are three unrelated items!

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