Posted by: Michelle | November 21, 2007

My Paisley Challenge Page

Okay, we got back from our mini-vacation yesterday and one of the first places that I went was Recollections to get supplies for my paisley challenge page. Now, I must say that I did not go overboard with my use of paisleys, but I think that I was fairly creative with how I used them.

Here is my page:

My Paisley Challenge Page

As always, you can click on the thumbnail to see a larger version of the photo.

My original plan was to do a Valentine’s page and use the paisleys to make hearts. As I waited and waited for my photos, I was looking at other page layout ideas and specifically thinking about how to do a page to welcome Lexi to our family. While I was doing that, I had the idea to use paisleys as doggie ears. I put those two ideas together to form a title for a page of my son playing with our other dog, Logan.

This page was kind of different for me, because I don’t think that I have ever used pictures in the place of words in my titles. I had also hoped to do the journaling from my son’s perspective, but that idea didn’t quite come together. Regardless, I am happy with my page and glad that I documented the special relationship that my son shares with our dogs.

Let me know what you think about my page and whether or not my use of paisleys is what you would consider to be creative.



  1. I hate to say it, but the eBay link above doesn’t work any more. I will post pictures of the ideas here on my blog.

  2. Connie,

    Thank you. I did post some ideas previously – I also found another page with some creative suggestions but it is on eBay and may go away. Here is the link for that page – Scroll down and there are some really cute ideas.


  3. I just purchased a Paisley Maker punch. Do you know if there are any inspirational ideas for this punch. Your ideas were cute. Thanks. Connie

  4. I said in my post that I did not go overboard with the paisleys. We never said that we had to use a lot. We just had to be creative with how we used them. If I had done my original idea, I would have used more but they all would have been formed into hearts – and therefore not quite as creative.

    Like I said, the page is different for me, but I definitely like how it turned out.

  5. You don’t have a lot of paisley’s (which is fine) but I love the doggy head with the paisley ears. And I like the colors you used on the page with the black mat behind the sage green mat. Very nice.

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