Posted by: Michelle | November 30, 2007

Paper Bag Book Challenge Invitation

As November draws to a close and we all prepare for the holidays, I certainly don’t want to put more things to do on your list, but I did want to extend a challenge to anyone who reads this blog. I know that I haven’t said much about them in quite a while, but I also know that many people who come here are looking for information about paper bag books. With that in mind, I want to invite everyone to create a Christmas or holiday-themed paper bag book and to share the results here. I think that we could see a wide variety of styles ranging from old-fashioned Christmas to much more modern interpretations.

I will admit that my challenge invitations in the past have not met with much success but I am holding out hope that this time will be different. All I would ask is that you submit photos of your paper bag books by December 20 so that I can have time to compile the photos/links and post a list of them on Christmas Eve so that everyone can share the joy.

I look forward to seeing how everyone creates their own unique holiday-themed paper bag books.


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