Posted by: Michelle | December 17, 2007

Paisley Punch Ideas

A while back, I found some very cute ideas for using the CM Paisley Maker on eBay. Unfortunately, the link that I had posted in comments on a previous message no longer works. Here are pictures that Lori was kind enough to download and share.paisley-ideas1.jpg



I have already used the tulip idea on a page and cannot wait to find ways to use some of the other ideas. If you have come up with a creative way to use your CM Paisley Maker, please share in the comments below.


  1. HELP. I took the paisley punch apart, cleared the jam as suggested above – but now I can’t figure out where the spring goes?

  2. I have had similar problems as above with paper sticking. I have also taken mine apart and have found that where the cut punchie is formed, that section is not springing back out therefore the paisley is staying in the punch. Any suggestions for this problem?

  3. I found the turkey. Try this website:

    Good Luck!

  4. I haven’t seen the turkey, but maybe someone will see your comment and share.

  5. Looking for the turkey pattern for the paisley punch from creative memories. Thanks

  6. Celie,

    I would love to see pictures of your peacock pages. I figured that there had to be a great way to create a peacock layout using the paisley punch, but have never been able to figure out the best way to do it.


  7. I notice your header is a peacock. I attended the big CM crop in Charlotte and spent the better part of the day using the paisley punch to make peacocks on facing pages! The paisleys make great feathers, especially if you embellish them with smaller punched pieces. Try it!

  8. Thanks. As the punch is sold out I figured I’s try to fix it myself. I took the screws out of the bottom, poped off the top dark purple case and the actual punch was easy to disassemble clean out and reassemble. It seemed one edge was a little rough so i filed it with a nail file. It is working great now. I can’t wait to come up with some great ideas to use it.

  9. Alyson,

    I have heard people complaining about the paisleys getting hung up in the punch. If you work through a CM consultant, let them know. They need to be made aware of the problems that people are having with the Paisley Punch so that the company can try to improve their product.

  10. I just got the paisley punch on ebay. It came in the mail today with no directions. I didn’t think this was a big deal until I tried to cut out a paisley…I get the little punches through the bottom and the shape of a paisley is missing from the original sheet of paper…but where is my paisley?

  11. I’m not sure. I know that when I got my Paisley Punch my consultant explained that we couldn’t use the paisley punch in the same way as we use our other punches. In order to use the paisley punch, she emphasized that it must be placed on a flat, hard surface, rather than up in the air. Perhaps this is part of the problem that you are encountering.

    I would suggest that you talk to your consultant and even show her what you are doing so that she can help you to use the punch and get the beautiful paisleys that it is designed to cut.

  12. I am having trouble with my CM paisley punch What am I doing wrong
    It cuts the paper into hundreds of litle pieces
    any ideas

  13. If not the girl, you could always try using the angel.

  14. I’m not sure if the girl is meant to be an angel, but I can probably use this idea on my Christmas Song page.

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