Posted by: Michelle | January 17, 2008

Picture from the Retreat

The other day, I promised to share a picture or two from the retreat that I went on. Before I share the picture, I have to share a story. Before I left, I asked my younger son if he was going to let me take one of his stuffed animals to keep me company while I was away. He let me take a little blue bear that his father had brought him from one of his trips to Myrtle Beach. Well, I don’t know if all of you have seen it or not, but there is a commercial that I have seen on TV where a man’s daughter slips a stuffed animal into his bag before he leaves on a business trip. He decides to take pictures of the animal during his trip and sends them back home to his little girl. the ad inspired me to take pictures of the bear showing different parts of the retreat and I am going to create my page about the retreat using the photos with the bear. That being said, here is a photo of one of the layouts that I completed and the little blue bear.

Lexi page

Now, I wish that I could take credit for the layout idea, but I can’t. Knowing that I wanted to complete a page about Lexi, I ordered a page kit from The kit was designed by Applegate Productions and I thought that the colors would be perfect for my page.



  1. Thank you.

  2. very cute

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