Posted by: Michelle | January 20, 2008

Caught Up & Needing Your Help

Okay, we are not 100% caught up with our challenges. Lori still has to complete her Christmas song inspired page, but other than that, we are all caught up. So, once again, I am going to put the control in your hands and allow you to vote on which challenge you would like to see us complete next.

Here are some choices, but if you have another idea, please feel free, and even encouraged, to share that as well.

Theme Page Challenge – We will select a theme and we both must complete a single layout for that theme. For this, we could do either a product swap, both use the same products or select our own products related to the theme.

Same Embellishment Challenge – We both must create a page using the same embellishment as the starting point. We can use whatever other supplies we would like. We will do this as a Lori’s Choice and Michelle’s Choice challenge.

Shape Challenge – We both must create a page using a single shape for all embellishments.

Monochromatic Challenge – We both must create a page using only a single color (multiple shades is acceptable). Michelle will choose the color for Lori’s page and Lori will choose the color for Michelle’s page.

Multiple Titles Challenge – We both must create a single page using the same title multiple times and in multiple way.

Top Ten List Challenge – We both must create a page around a “top ten” list of our choosing.

Ad Challenge – We each will select an advertisement from a magazine and create a layout based on that advertisement.

You can vote by simply posting your choice in the comments below. Encourage others to vote as well. The more votes we get the more interesting the process will be. Voting will close on Sunday, January 27 and the results will be posted the following day.



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  2. Don’t give up hope, Matt. You can always encourage others to vote and support your first choice. To be honest, the ad challenge was my first choice too, but to be fair I put it out for the vote rather than making the decision myself.

  3. top 10 for me.

    though my first choice was advertising, but that one isn’t going to win!

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  5. Shapes was my first choice. And Top Ten List is my second choice. I think like your sons!

  6. I like the shape challenge, that is not a theme I have seen you work on for a while.

  7. Okay, my other son has also shared his opinion. He would like to see us complete a Top Ten List page. Of course, my boys can never agree on anything so now we need your votes more than ever.

  8. Okay, we have our first vote. My youngest son thinks that we should tackle the shape challenge and would like to see us use triangles as our shape.

    Do you agree with him, or would you like to pick a different challenge for us to work on? Let us know.

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