Posted by: Michelle | January 30, 2008

Update: Our Challenges

Okay, I have asked all of you to vote for our challenges and I still would like to know if you want to see my son join us in our shape challenge. Lori still has to complete her Christmas song page which she hopes to get to this week. Then we will both be working on our shape challenge. I have some ideas already for mine and I think Lori has a couple for hers as well.

Since there seemed to be a fair amount of interest in the Top Ten page challenge, we are going to tackle that one next. I know that Lori already has some ideas for that one since she told me that she was hoping it would win the voting. I have some ideas too. I guess that we have enough to keep us busy for a little while.



  1. He says that he will consider joining us in our challenge, but he doesn’t like that we were trying to force him. Part of me still thinks he is chicken.

  2. I have my Christmas page idea now I’m just waiting on my pictures. I also ordered my triangle shape page pictures and am waiting on them. So I’m currently in a holding mode. And in regards to the shape challenge, I think Travis doesn’t want to participate because he is chicken. Uh oh. Did I hear some clucking? Yes, I do hear Travis clucking like a CHICKEN!

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