Posted by: Michelle | February 1, 2008

Christmas Song Wrap-Up

As promised, Lori shared a photo of her Christmas song page with me so now I can share it with all of you. The Christmas song she chose was O Holy Night and here is her page:

O Holy Night

I absolutely love the title on her page.

Also, just to refresh your memory (or to bring you up to speed if this is new to you), I created my page using the song 364 Days to Go as my inspiration and here is my page:

364 Days to Go

Not surprising that we took very different approaches to our pages, especially considering the fact that we chose very different Christmas songs as our inspiration. Let us know what you think of our pages by posting a comment below. To get a better look at the pages, you can click on the thumbnails and open up a larger view.



  1. I like the page. It is simple and classy.

  2. My page looks nothing like what I had originally planned. If you are familiar with the words it will make more sense, but I wanted to use the phrase about the wisemen coming and use the wisemen stickers. I wanted to use “fall down on your knees” and have a picture of my son praying at his bedside, etc.. I do like my final page as is, but it just isn’t as creative as I had originally intended.

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