Posted by: Michelle | February 2, 2008

Triangles Everywhere

Well, the shape challenge has been completed and Lori, my son and I all completed pages.

Here is mine:

Michelle’s Shape Challenge

Here is my son’s:


And, here is Lori’s:

Lori’s Shape Challenge

The terms of this challenge were that all embellishments must be in the shape of triangles. Cutting our pictures into triangles was completely optional.

Now, I have to say that my son was not 100% convinced that he was going to do this challenge until he saw Lori’s page. He questions whether she fully followed the rules because technically not all of her embellishments are triangles. She has some strips of paper that appear to be rectangles and she matted her photos with rectangles. We would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Also, we would just love to hear what you think of our pages in general.



  1. T is going to do this challenge with us too – or possibly a modified version. He already knows what his list is and we ordered his pictures. He still has to decide if he is going to do Top Ten or Top 5. It kind of depends on what he can fit on his page since he uses the 7×7 albums rather than the 12×12.

  2. I know my subject and part of my list, but nothing beyond that. I’ll probably take some new photos for it to make it fresh.

  3. Technically anything that you use to decorate the page whether paper, stickers or whatever are embellishments, but I like the stripes that you used to divide up your page and I like your page.

    When we originally conceived the idea for the shape challenge, my idea was to use diamonds and to create an argyle look to my page. Then, when it was decided that we were going to use triangles, I thought about using pictures of my hubby as Santa Claus and creating a triangle Santa out of paper. After looking at the triangle Santa, I decided that I just didn’t really like it that much, so I started from scratch. I found the pictures of T (my son) and decided to cut them into triangles. From there, the rest of the page just kind of came together, and I wound up with the argyle effect I originally had envisioned.

    So, next is our Top Ten challenge. I have my list but no ideas for the page yet.

  4. Hmm. I just read Travis’ comments and I didn’t think of “embellishments” in the same terms. When I’m doing a page I don’t think of the paper I’m putting down as an embellishment. I was thinking in terms of the stickers, the title, etc.

    But anyway. Your page is very creative and Travis’ page is very cute. Did Travis like the fact that his face is on my page?

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