Posted by: Michelle | February 24, 2008

Oh, the Pressure

I mentioned last week that I have gotten myself into a cardmaking competition. I honestly did not expect it to be stressful, but it was – at least a little bit. We did have a third person join our competition. He is another one of our co-workers and friends who frequently comments on postings here. His name is Matt. I don’t know how much experience he really has making cards, so we will have to see what he comes up with. The other person, Gina, is quite experienced as a cardmaker so I am a little concerned about how my card will compare to hers. We have a panel of judges – other co-workers – who were all ready to judge the cards on Friday, but due to weather concerns, our offices were closed. I, for one, was thankful for the extra time as I wasn’t completely thrilled with any of the cards that I had made prior to the time I would have had to leave for work on Friday. Just so that you can see what my original ideas were, I will share them here.

Card Competition - First Attempt

You can click on the thumbnail to see a larger version. On the front, it simply says, “Missing You.” The inside says, “Please hurry up and get well.”

For my second attempt, I went in a very different direction:

Card Competition - Second Attempt

On the front, it says, “Happiness is …” and inside it reads, “Mom’s chicken soup and you being back to your old self. Get Well Soon.” Again, it wasn’t quite right, so I made a third card:

Card Competition - Third Attempt

On the front of this one, it says, “Sending an angel to watch over you as you recuperate.” Inside it says, “You are in my thoughts and prayers. Get well soon.”

Of the three, this was my favorite but the boys told me that they didn’t think that the angel looked like an angel. I had to concede that they are probably right, so I made one more card. Unfortunately, I cannot post that one until after the judging tomorrow as I don’t want Matt or Gina to be able to scope out the competition. I assure you that I will post the card after the competition is over. I also hope to get pictures of the other cards so that I can share those with you as well and let you judge them all for yourselves.


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