Posted by: Michelle | February 27, 2008

Card Competition Results

Well, as much as I hate to admit it, I came in third in our cardmaking competition. Now, third place isn’t too bad unless there are only 3 entries, which was the case. No, seriously, my card was good but it was no where near the level of the two other cards. Matt’s card was a wonderfully hand-drawn card that was quite creative and truly deserved to win. Gina’s card was also beautifully crafted and much more detailed than mine was, so she definitely deserved to beat me as well. I hope to get photos of all three cards this evening so that I can share the results with everyone.

I do want to thank Nicola Bray (My Paper World) for the inspiration for my card. Nicola is a member of Tamara’s card design team and I love her cards.



  1. I’d like to think that Laura is the real winner since she is going to receive 3 cards that show how much we all care about her and hope that her recovery goes well.

  2. It was a great contest/challenge. A little banter always gets the creative juices flowin’! Thank you for letting me play.

    The recipient of the cards is the real winner…

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