Posted by: Michelle | February 27, 2008

I Can Accept When I am Beaten

Matt and Gina were kind enough to let me bring all three cards home so that I could get pictures of all of them to share with you. First, let me share Matt’s, since he won the competition.

Matt’s card front       Matt’s card inside

You have to realize that Matt hand drew the picture and the guitar playing cat has fishing string whiskers and pops up when you open the card.

Next, we will move on to Gina’s creation since she came in second place:

Gina’s card front    Gina’s card inside

Finally, let me share my card:

My card front   My card inside

You can click on any of the thumbnails to see larger versions. The photo of the inside of my card isn’t very clear. It reads, “Hopefully you will be back on your feet and feeling ducky in no time. Get Well Soon!

When I first got involved with this competition, I figured that I was in over my head, and I was right.

But as Matt said, none of us lost and our friend who is receiving all 3 of these heartfelt cards is the biggest winner of all.



  1. In a separate conversation, Lori commented on how plain Matt’s card was on the front. He admitted that was a strategic decision on his part. First, he figured Gina and I would totally dismiss his card upon seeing such a plain exterior. He also figured that it would add to the WOW factor when you opened the card.

    Gina and I are hoping to get him into some future cardmaking challenges.

  2. In response to Lori’s question, yes, there is a reason that both Matt and Gina included cats on their cards. Laura is the proud mother of 3 cats – Olivia, Winston and Molly. My boys have nicknamed Laura the crazy cat lady. I seriously considered doing a cat themed card, but when I saw the ducky card on My Paper World, I just fell in love with it.

    Thank you Karen. I still have a lot to learn about the art of cardmaking, but I am enjoying it

  3. Wow when you decide to get into something you don’t mess about, do you Michelle. I can’t believe you’ve only started card making a couple of weeks ago. You have so many great card examples on your blog already. Well done.

  4. Okay, first I have to ask….is it a coincidence that Matt and Gina’s cards are both “cat” themed? Second, I agree with the voting in that Matt’s gets top-billing. Very cool. Third, I like both Gina and Michelle’s cards, but I personally like Michelle’s for second place. It’s a cute (and typical Michelle “corny”) sentiment and the colors are very nice. I also like the duck.

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