Posted by: Michelle | February 28, 2008

Multiple Titles, Multiple Ways

I mentioned the other day that Lori and I had decided to complete the Multiple Titles Challenge next. For this challenge, we were both supposed to create a layout using the same title multiple times and in multiple ways. Lori completed her page first, so I will share her results first.

Lori’s Multi Title Challenge

I completed my page just last night, so here it is.

Michelle’s Multi Title Challenge

Obviously, my title is believe. I guess all of the Believe bumper stickers around Baltimore, influenced me. I had purchased the ribbon years ago for another project that just never developed. It seemed like the perfect embellishment for with this photo of my husband dressed as Santa Claus. It is difficult to read the journaling on my page, but I also incorporated believe into my journaling:

One of the best parts about when Mike dresses up as Santa is seeing the faces of the children who believe that he is the real Santa Claus.

The little girl in the photo was totally fascinated with him. When he gave her the candy cane she gave him a big hug and for this picture, she was sitting on the stage just behind him. He didn’t even know she was there. Eventually, she scooted a little bit closer to him and I called to “Santa” so they both looked at me and I was able to capture another very cute shot.



  1. […] of the photos looks really familiar. You would be absolutely correct. I used the first photo for my Multiple Titles, Multiple Ways challenge. What can I say? I absolutely love this photo. The look on the little girl’s face and the […]

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