Posted by: Michelle | February 28, 2008

Upcoming Challenges

I think both Lori and I completed our multiple titles challenge more quickly than we expected, so now we are ready to take on yet another challenge. We have actually selected our next three challenges. We wouldn’t normally select them so far in advance like this, but for 2 of the selected challenges we know that we will have to take pictures specifically for them.

The next challenge that we are going to complete is the Children’s Book Challenge. For this one, we will each select a children’s book and draw our inspiration for the page from that book. Similar to our song challenges, we can draw inspiration from the title or the text of the book.

After that, we are going to work on a challenge that we are calling the 5 Photo Challenge. For this one, we each have to select a spot to take 5 pictures from. We can zoom in and out. We can turn around. We can kneel down or stand on our tip-toes. But, we cannot move our feet from the spot where the first photo is taken. We then must create a page using those 5 photos. Fortunately we both have digital cameras so we can technically take more than 5 photos and just delete the ones that we don’t like.

Finally, we are going to do a challenge in which we have to photograph “something that just isn’t quite right” and create a page about it. For example, I saw a police car parked next to a No Stopping sign this morning and couldn’t help but notice the irony in that image. Perhaps it will be a sign that has a mis-spelling or was just poorly thought and says something completely different than what was intended. The photos just must highlight something that just isn’t quite right. If anyone has photos that fit this description, please feel free to post links to them in the comments below. I would love to see them and I think everyone can use a laugh every once in a while.


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