Posted by: Michelle | March 5, 2008

A Lot of Prayers

I guess it is true that I am getting older. Over the last couple of weeks, my friend, Laura had back surgery. Matt, Gina and I all made get well cards for her in our little card competition. Another friend had a baby. Fortunately everything went smoothly with the labor and delivery and mother and baby are both doing well. The day after that, another friend of mine gave one of her kidneys to her husband since he was in need of a transplant.

Then last week, when we were supposed to take Matt to lunch to payoff our wager related to the card competition, Gina calls to tell me that she was going home because she was having bad stomach pains. Turns out she had appendicitis and has since had an appendectomy. Needless to say, I have been saying an awful lot of prayers for an awful lot of people lately.

The good news is that Gina is doing well and is supposed to be back at work next Monday. I made a little card for her to welcome her back and to let her know that she was missed. (I hope that she doesn’t get bored and decide to check out my blog before she comes back, since I am getting ready to give you a sneak peek at my card.)

Missing you card

Inside, I wrote, “We were so blue without you. Glad you are feeling better and back with us.”

As always, I welcome your thoughts about my card – both negative and positive. Any feedback is welcome as I am just learning this craft and am open to learning from those who have much more experience.



  1. It was purely coincidental, but my card fits for Tamara’s sketch this week. Check it out at

  2. Everyone seems to be doing well, thank goodness.

    Thanks. I hope that she likes the card and that it makes her smile.

  3. Oh my Goodness Michelle! I hope that everyone is feeling better soon!
    Your card is soooooo cute, your friend will love it!
    Nicola xx

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