Posted by: Michelle | March 22, 2008

Some Hawaii Photos

I am still selecting the best shots from the Hawaii trip, but I figured I would go ahead and share a couple of early selections.

Bird of Paradise

Okay, I am going with some of the stereotypical Hawaii shots, but who can blame me. I just think that the Bird of Paradise is a very unique and beautiful plant, so that is why I selected this shot.

The next shot that I am going to share just reminds me of the commercials that you see on TV for Corona beer.

Ocean view from Fairmont Orchid

Oh, like you can’t imagine sitting there staring out at the ocean and sipping a Corona?

Here is the last one for now.

Hawaiian Sunset

I guess this one doesn’t really require much explanation. I couldn’t help but spend time one evening taking photos of the beautiful sunset. I guess I looked like I knew what I was doing as about 4 different families asked me to take photo of them using their cameras. I just hope they were all happy with the shots that I got.


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